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Saving the Blueberries

It snowed yesterday, Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019. I recognized it was cold, as the heat had been kicking on throughout the morning, and I knew from earlier reports that rain was in the forecast. But who could have guessed it would snow in April, in Charlotte, NC, just days after some sweet spring weather?

After a few minutes of gawking, then snapping some pictures for Instagram, I remembered my potted blueberry bushes, which were filled with pretty pre-blueberry blossoms! I scrambled out the door to bring them in out of the weather, and setting them on plastic trash bags, surrounded by towels to soak up the water dripping from the limbs, prayed I’d gotten to them in time. We’ll see I guess, but this will most definitely be a story for the memory book.

If you are caring for a loved one living with dementia, these unexpected moments can lead to great joy as you share your amazement and memories. From this experience for example we could:

1. Have a cup of hot coffee or cocoa and chat about past storms weathered together with candles for light, a fire and quilts for warmth, and fun games played around the table.

2. Find a favorite blueberry pie, crisp, or turnover recipe to bake, and make a list of ingredients we’ll need to purchase. (Perhaps blueberries, if they don’t make it.)

3. Check out future weather reports or the Farmer’s Almanac to see what else might be coming in the next days and weeks.

4. Plan our spring gardening, whether we’ll be planting in the ground, or in pots.

5. Make an entry in the memory book describing the experience, and add some pictures to capture the event.

Saving the Blueberries

Activities do not have to be formally planned, or precisely executed to bring great joy and meaning to life. Take advantage of these unusual, spontaneous events. Be creative and don’t worry about a perfect outcome, focus on the fun you have together in the moment. Moments are what we have now, let’s enjoy them.


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