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  • Julie Bigham

Returning from the Mission Field

While my brain is still a bit foggy from the jet lag, familiar feelings of grief and guilt keep creeping into my mind, leaving me a bit melancholy I’m afraid. It happens each time I return home from the mission field, and you’d think I’d be used to it, ready for it, at the very least prepared, but it always sneaks up on me. Grief, as I miss our friends in Mitchell’s Plain and the camaraderie of the team, and guilt that being home seems somewhat, foreign for a time.

Slowly the fog will clear and life will return to normal, but in the meantime pictures and memories of things seen, lessons learned, work completed, friendships forged, and love shared will be held and treasured in my heart. The joy of working with people who share a common goal, giving of their time and talent out of compassion for others, is a true gift.

Many believe the missionary blesses, while in truth, we are blessed beyond measure, carrying with us forever the beauty of God’s people from all around the world. The need for love, compassion, relationship, a simple smile, a soft giggle, or a shoulder to cry on is universal. These needs cross all races, cultures, religions, even continents, and when we put aside our differences and concentrate on fulfilling these common needs, whether at home or abroad, blessings abound for all.

I miss our friends in Mitchell’s Plain. I miss the team. I miss getting up early, team devotions, long, bumpy rides on the bus, the hugs, the laughter, even the teasing. I miss the work.

I love my family, who supports me each time I head out for the FROG Centre. I love that they love me enough to let me do what my heart needs to do. That they keep the light on for my return, and listen repeatedly to stories from my travel. I’m blessed beyond measure and thank God for it all!

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