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Recap of the Mission to Mitchell's Plain

Many thanks to all who prayed for the mission team as we served at the FROG Centre in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa. It was another amazing trip, and I am, as usual, already looking forward to the next one.

On the medical side of the mission, Santina Wright and I were able to make more than 15 home visits to families caring for a loved one living with dementia. The need for caregiver support is so great, and many family members were grateful for the time to ask questions and have someone listen and provide support for their struggles.

In addition, Santina visited one of the larger medical clubs in the area, where residents can pick up their medications, receive foot care, blood pressure, and blood sugar checks as preventative measures, and she gave a much needed health talk on the importance of good brain health.

While Santina visited the club, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of 60 seniors that meet regularly at another local community center. We danced, sang, rowed the boat, and played a little Simon Says. We also discussed the importance of keeping the brain healthy, the habits that need to be formed, and those that need to be broken, to assure the brain stays that way! They were so much fun, asked great questions, shared wonderful stories, and without a doubt, will continue to bring joy and laughter into life for themselves, and their community!

Together, Santina and I provided the Virtual Dementia Tour, many thanks to PK Beville and Second Wind Dreams, for more than 60 home-bound carers who work through the FROG Centre. The VDT is a simulation of what living with dementia might be like, and gives participants the opportunity to see first hand what their clients, who are living with dementia, experience on a daily basis, helping carers understand how they can better serve. It was a great success and the feedback was fantastic.

But our trip was not all work. If you’d like to read more about the mission and see some of the awesome pictures, go to the FROG Centre/South Africa 2019 Group page on Facebook. If you’d like more information on Second Wind Dreams and the Virtual Dementia Tour, go to www.secondwind.org.


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