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God's Perfect Timing

I’ve been sharing my thoughts about time these last couple of weeks, and living and loving in the moment. I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t share my recent experience with God’s perfect timing. My chosen profession can be offsetting for some people. Many, don’t want to know about dementia, more specifically about Alzheimer’s, unless they have to. So when I’m given the opportunity to watch God work for others, through a job I’m so passionate about, I just really want to share! I know this might seem crazy, but follow along with me here and you’ll see an amazing thing unfold!

Almost three months ago, I made the decision to stop coloring my hair. I have to be honest with you, aging in such a public way has really been tough. I’m a brunette, I’ve been brunette since the day I was born, enhanced by a bottle these last 10 or so years I will honestly admit. The transition has included two trips to have the brown color stripped, by an awesome friend, as the white takes over. I’ve been a real brat about it. I’ve complained to whoever would listen, and I owe many thanks to my family and friends who have not only put up with my behavior, but loving complimented me throughout the process.

One month ago, feeling very overwhelmed, but not wanting to step back into coloring again, I reached out to a friend who use to cut my hair to ask if he’d help me out. While he doesn’t cut hair anymore, he shared the name of someone he knew could help me. Two weeks ago, I made the appointment, and was filled with both fear and excitement for the outcome, hoping my mood and my bad behavior would miraculously change.

Then one week ago, a friend asked if I’d speak at a professional network event, just an hour or so after my hair appointment. I excitedly said yes because I love to talk, especially about dementia care. For just a brief moment I worried what might happen if the new stylist couldn’t work the miracle I was hoping for, and I had to speak to a crowd of people with the white mop sitting on the top of my head, but I decided I’d just have to have faith!

The morning of my appointment, since I wasn’t sure I’d have time to go home before my speaking engagement, I put my work case filled with the marketing materials I’d need in the car, including several copies of my book, “Creating Joy Filled Visits in the Midst of Alzheimer’s”. I don’t generally carry more than my business cards around in the car, due to the destruction heat can have on bindings.

When I arrived at the salon, I spent 10- or 15-minutes lamenting to the young woman about my hair situation. She smiled sweetly and began calming my fears with her soothing voice and skilled hands. She washed and conditioned, then scissors in hand began to work her magic. As she cut, she talked about her beautiful family, her husband and babies, and shared a personal story about her grandmother. As she spoke, I felt led to tell her what I did for a living, and the questions began to pour out about her family’s challenges. In those moments, I wanted to help her so badly that I totally forgot the reason I was sitting in her chair.

When she finished her work, I sat staring in the mirror and realized how blessed I truly am. She did a fabulous job, and I was now content in this season of life. After I’d paid, I remembered that I’d put copies of my book in the car for the afternoon event, and went to retrieve one for this young woman and her family. As I handed it to her, I told her that I believe God crosses people’s paths for a reason, and she said she’d thought that same thing as she was cutting my hair.

Thanks Jena Sparks!

God used the talents of two strangers to provide support and caring to each other. It took at least three months of maneuvering, but He made it happen in His way, in his time. I’m just so amazed to be able to look back, and see how it all came together, the people involved, the timing so perfect.

I’m done complaining about my hair. She did a wonderful job, and God, even through my horrid behavior about it, used it for good. As He always, so perfectly, does!

With an honest, positive endorsement, I would love to introduce you to my friend, Jena Sparks. You can find Jena Sparks on Facebook at Jena Sparks Hair, and on the web at: www.salonlofts.com/jena_sparks