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FROG Centre News 2019

Exciting news indeed! Our mission team will be traveling back to the FROG Centre May 3rd - 13th of 2019! The FROG Centre has truly blessed the Mitchell's Plain community and all of the honor and glory goes to our Lord, who has made every hand willing, every dollar available, every hour possible, and every project successful! We'll be celebrating the FROG Centre's 20th Anniversary, and many of my team mates have been a part since the beginning. God is good, all of the time!

This trip, new classrooms will be added behind the FROG Centre for the day care, to allow the current rooms inside the FROG Centre to serve as exam rooms for home based carers to provide clinical services such as pap smears, breast exams, etc. While some members of the team will be constructing rooms, others will be working with the in-home carers, and children's/recreational ministries.

FROG Centre - Mitchell's Plain, South Africa

More information on our projects and fund raisers will be available soon, so continue to check back for updates and pictures! Continued prayers would be appreciated!


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